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Release 1.5 for CDM-570A/L-IP Satellite Modems

The VersaFEC-2 High Performance LDPC option board is now available for the CDM-570A/L-IP Satellite Modems. In addition, Release 1.5 also includes CarrierID based on our MetaCarrier spread spectrum technology.

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Meeting Connectivity Needs for Government Systems

We provide solutions for Government, Agency, and MOD requirements. Whether above or below the sea, ground, or airborne, we have a proven track record of delivering reliable, scalable, and ruggedized products and solutions for these applications.

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Reducing Bandwidth Requirements for DSNG Applications

As a DSNG operator, you are faced with the challenge of your satellite expenses. You want more bandwidth at a lower cost than what you spend now, and you would like some of that new extra bandwidth to be on the return link to your trucks. We have the answers for you…

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Performance Challenge of 3G over Satellite

This paper overviews the evolution of mobile telephony, the challenges associated with transmitting 3G backhaul traffic over satellite, and methods that can be utilized to address the challenges while increasing revenue for Mobile Network Operators and improving quality of experience for end users.

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Case Study: Shipping Industry Customer

This case study is about a large container shipping company that was searching for the best solution to deliver a business critical communication service globally to 400 vessels that were to roam between 20+ satellite beams across the world.

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Two New LPOD BUC Models are Available

We expanded our LPOD BUC product family with the introduction of two new models, the 300 Watt LPOD and the 16 Watt LPOD-R. With the introduction of the higher power 300 Watt C-Band model, the LPOD is now available in a wider range of power levels and bands, including 20-125 Watt Ku-Band, 25-250 Watt X-Band and 25-300 Watt C-Band. The new 16 Watt P1dB / 20W Psat Ku-Band LPOD-R is the market’s smallest and smartest 16 Watt unit. Requiring only 110 Watts of power capability from a 24/48VDC BUC power supply contained within the modem, it greatly expands the range of throughput available from existing TDMA or SCPC modems.

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Family of LPOD-R Units

Market Focused Solutions

Satellite connectivity solutions require the horsepower, efficiency and intelligence to enable service providers to meet end user needs today, while being flexible and scalable enough to support tomorrow’s demands. We have enhanced our product portfolio to meet the unique demands of different markets. Learn which elements of our solution suite best fit the unique application requirements for:

Cost-Effective Solution for VSAT Auto Commissioning

To reduce cost and the possibility of error(s) when commissioning sites, it is important to streamline this process, empower the installer in the field and reduce the interaction with the NOC or teleport personnel. Our remote commissioning solution is a cost efficient VSAT line up tool that automates the VSAT installation process and minimizes cross-polarization and adjacent satellite interference in real-time. It is based on Satmotion Pocket developed by Integrasys and is optimized for our networking platforms – Heights Networking Platform and Advanced VSAT

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Advanced VSAT Solutions Supporting O3b Networks In-Service Customers

Our commercially available Advanced VSAT Solutions are now deployed and supporting multiple customer installations using O3b Networks’ innovative satellite system. The in-service customers are located in the Cook Islands, Pakistan and Malaysia, and have deployed point-to-multipoint networks using O3b Networks’ Ka-Band Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite systems and Comtech EF Data’s portfolio of high-performance, satellite-based communication solutions.

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CNPT v1.1.2 is Available

Our Comtech Network Planning Tool (CNPT) tool is a comprehensive resource for traffic and network planning for Comtech EF Data products. We have a new version available that provides enhanced functionality, including:

  • Operational Modes – Point-to-Multipoint & Point-to-Point
  • Canned Satellite Profiles
  • Assist Me Buttons
  • More flexibility for Ka-Band configurations
  • Selection of voice traffic direction

If you haven’t tried out this tool, we encourage you to do so. We also offer webinar-based training (http://www.comtechefdata.com/support/training) to get you started.

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Heights Networking Platform

Leveraging industry-leading horsepower, efficiency and intelligence to elevate services for oil & gas, cruise, cargo and corporate enterprise

Heights is a scalable networking platform that meets the evolving demands of a diverse end user community. The most powerful and net efficient platform in the industry, it leverages a single comprehensive user interface teamed with a powerful traffic analytics engine that allows simplified design, implementation, monitor, control and optimization of networks. The result is an elevated QoE for end users. Equipped to support the most demanding networks on traditional wide beams, new HTS spot beams or a combination of both, users can increase market share and grow revenues while controlling costs via Heights.

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Intelsat Channels Services Continuation Options

With Intelsat’s recent announcement that its Channels Services are being retired, customers are encouraged to evaluate options to determine the best steps for meeting point-to-point connectivity needs. One of the options is to leverage new modulation and coding methods that are available in the latest modem platforms to minimize the resulting total cost of ownership of continuing services.

For those interested in cost-effective service continuation with Intelsat, please contact us for assistance with designing an upgrade to fit your unique requirements: intelsatchannelsupgrade@comtechefdata.com

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New LPOD-R Block Up Converters

We expanded our LPOD BUC product line with the introduction of the new LPOD-R models. Each LPOD-R consists of a SSPA module with the Monitor/Control Processor, a power supply and a fan assembly. The LPOD-R models are equipped with useful features that other manufacturers offer only as options, including temperature compensation, power monitor and power factor corrected supply. The units also feature data logging and flexible, remote monitor and control (M&C) capabilities that are unique to the industry.
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Packet Processor for CDM-570A & CDM-570AL

The Packet Processor is now available for our CDM-570A and CDM-570AL Satellite Modems. These next generation modems are designed to provide industry-leading performance and flexibility at a very competitive price. The high-performance Packet Processor enables efficient IP networking and transport over satellite with header compression, payload compression and advanced Quality of Service (QoS). The advanced QoS combined with header and payload compression ensures the highest quality of service with minimal jitter and latency for real-time traffic, priority treatment of mission critical applications and maximum bandwidth efficiency.

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CDM-625A Advanced Satellite Modem

VersaFEC-2 for CDM-625A & CDMER-625A

The new high performance LDPC FEC is specifically design to optimize performance at low and mid-tier sysmbol rates. VersaFEC-2 long-block provides 38 ModCods (BPSK to 32-ARY) with performance generally better than DVB-S2 at significantly lower latency and short-block provides 36 ModCods (BPSK to 32-ARY) with higher coding gain than first generation VersaFEC and similar latency. All higher order constellations are quasi-circular for optimal peak-to-average performance. Both CCM and ACM operation is support for long block and short block.

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