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Heights Networking Platforms

Elevating Your Services with Unparalleled Horsepower, Efficiency & Intelligence

The Heights™ Networking Platform leverages our industry-leading horsepower, efficiency and intelligence to enable differentiation of your services today while preparing you to unleash the power of the new spacecraft designs of tomorrow.

Designed with the service provider in mind, Heights is a scalable networking platform that meets the evolving demands of a diverse multi-tenant end user community. The most net efficient and powerful platform in the industry, Heights leverages a single comprehensive user interface teamed with a powerful traffic analytics engine that allows you to easily design, implement, monitor, control and optimize your network. The result is an elevated Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users. Equipped to support the most demanding networks on traditional wide beams, new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beams or a combination of both, you can increase market share and grow revenues while controlling costs via Heights.

Oil & Gas

  • Empowering onboard “applications-aware” networks
  • Facilitating situational awareness & faster decision making
  • Providing throughput & performance needed for geophysical applications

Cruise & Cargo

  • Facilitating service differentiation
  • Allowing enhanced onboard passenger & crew experience
  • Meeting demands of mobile Wi-Fi enabled community for bandwidth-rich applications & remote connections to home

Corporate Enterprise

  • Supporting changing & increasing business applications for end users relying on connectivity
  • Enabling cloud computing & collaboration for NGOs and commercial providers

Mobile Backhaul

  • Enabling mobile network growth to increase reach, penetrate new markets & increase revenues
  • Offering the most robust & cost-effective means to roll out 3G/4G/LTE advanced services into the most remote areas

The Heights Networking Platform Solution

The Heights Networking Platform is a robust carrier class solution that supports multiple business models simultaneously, from full hub ownership, to collocation at a third party teleport facility to Virtual Network Operator (VNO) operations. Modular in design, the platform consists of scalable hubs that support any satellite architecture, any frequency band, and allows for multiple cost-effective expansion paths.

Hub Options

Multiple Hub configurations are offered, each seamlessly enabling connectivity with existing IP infrastructure and capable of providing user IP throughputs of over 500 Mbps per outbound.

Heights Solo Mini – Designed to support a small, private network with one shared outbound and shared bandwidth pool for inbound connections.

Heights Solo – Designed to support a private network with one shared outbound and shared bandwidth pool for inbound connections, with options to grow the network size and add redundancy.

Heights VNO – Designed to support the hosting of multiple networks simultaneously, each with its outbound and inbound connections.

Powerful Tiered Remote Gateways

The remote gateway options within the Heights Networking Platform meet the unique, vertical-specific needs of end users at user IP throughputs of up to 64 Mbps. Each remote gateway in a network is assigned bandwidth on-demand from a shared bandwidth pool by the Heights’ dynamic bandwidth allocation engine. This enables Heights to blend the flexibility of MF-TDMA with the efficiency of SCPC. Each remote gateway in the network leverages its own optimal modulation and coding method and is not “limited” to a combination that disadvantages remote gateways to allow for worst-case remote operation, as is the case with a static or adaptive TDMA method. In addition, occasional or full period dynamic mesh connections between remote sites is also supported.

Elevating Your Services

The Heights Networking Platform enables you to elevate your services through a fusion of intelligence with a highly efficient horsepower machine from Comtech EF Data.

Unparalleled Horsepower to Support End User Traffic Demand

The Heights platform is designed to support the traffic load of demanding premium enterprise and mobile backhaul users on traditional or HTS satellites. The Heights Remote Gateway suite incorporates the most powerful IP packet processing capability in the market, providing the best support for processing intensive and real time voice and video applications working in tandem with high data rate mission-critical business applications, and Internet access.

Groundbreaking Efficiency to Minimize OPEX

To create the service economics required in today’s evolving world of satellite networking, a great deal of focus needs to be placed on the overall net efficiency of the network. The Heights platform provides the most attractive economics for mission-critical premium enterprise services via multi-layer optimization.

Efficiency Boost Waveform (EB) for Outbound – Provides a 10%-35% increase in efficiency over the DVB-S2 standard, controlling operating costs while providing over 500 Mbps outbound user IP throughput per network, ideal for new HTS designs.

VersaFEC-2 Waveform for Inbounds – Brings optimal application performance with DVB-S2X like efficiencies with 80-90% decrease in end-to-end latency for connection-oriented and interactive applications that are adversely affected by long round-trip times.

Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) – The advantage of bi-directional ACM, enabling users to maximize throughputs and availability depending upon weather conditions, variable beam location, and terminal size while being able to meet stringent SLAs.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (dSCPC) – Provides a highly intelligent dynamic bandwidth allocation engine, resizing inbound SCPC links as needed, providing the underlying resiliency to meet the stringent jitter and latency requirements of the most crucial applications.

Compression – A highly robust lossless compression engine and IP header compression technique operate in conjunction to further maximize net efficiency while maintaining the integrity of mission-critical information.

Multi-tier Quality of Service (QoS) – Leverages a powerful classification and traffic shaping engine that ensures that the highest “value” traffic is prioritized, ensuring the most important services are uninterrupted and business applications continue to function properly.

Robust Intelligence to Maximize QoE

Throughout the life of a network, a great deal of intelligence is required to ensure end users are delivered a maximized QoE. The Heights platform provides different layers of intelligence through network design tools, a powerful analytics engine and a deep bench of industry experts available as an extension of your operations organization.

Comtech Network Planning Tool (CNPT) – An invaluable comprehensive “toolkit” that analyzes different network architecture design options and generates budgetary designs along with total traffic efficiency, allowing the user to select the most optimal solution prior to network rollout.

NetVue™ Integrated Management System – A single intuitive graphical user interface that acts as a user-friendly front-end to monitor and control network equipment, providing the level of real-time network insight required to run an optimal network. Features a robust, comprehensive network management and analytics engine that allows users to intelligently maximize resources, ensure network uptime and provide the elevated levels of service that are required to support fixed and remote sites in the field. In addition, the CNPT seamlessly integrates with NetVue to port configurations from planning to operations, providing extreme ease of use and ensuring optimization from the start.

Ongoing Support via ESS – As end-user demands and cost pressures continue to increase, consultation with satellite networking experts teamed with 24×7 engineering support to ensure a network is optimal has become a necessity. Our ESS Prime service is backed by a team of seasoned satellite network engineers who have designed, implemented and optimized networks around the world, and leverage this expertise daily to provide users with their best solution.

Benefits of the Heights Networking Platform

The Heights Networking Platform provides the industry’s premier support for premium enterprise services for networks ranging from tens to thousands of sites. Benefits include:

Differentiate Your Services
  • Meet tomorrow’s multimedia traffic demands today via unparalleled throughput
  • Ensure your customers’ most latency and jitter sensitive applications operate properly to maximize productivity
  • Support multi-tenant end users, providing individualized service levels on a single shared platform
  • Consult with platform experts before, during & after network implementation to maximize QoE
Increase Your Margins
  • Leverage the most attractive cost economics over the life of your network via multi-layer optimization
  • Maintain ongoing optimal operation via a single powerful analytics engine to maximize resource utilization
  • Operate simultaneously on multiple satellites and frequencies with cost-effective expansion paths
  • Transition all or part of your network onto HTS spot beams, unleashing the potential of these innovations via future-proof design
Grow Your Business
  • Tie costs to revenue via gradual network expansion – start small with low upfront costs and expand as your business grows
  • Offer and leverage an array of different business models to increase market share
  • Address new markets & generate new revenue via intelligent network design and optimal resource utilization
  • Enhance remote terminal performance via bi-directional ACM and seamless beam and hub transition

In a world of “me-too” offerings, differentiation comes from challenging convention and partnering with a satellite platform provider that enables you to defy the norm. Contact us today – We’ll help you determine how Heights can elevate your services with its unparalleled mix of horsepower, efficiency and intelligence.

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