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News Release – June 20, 2012

Speedcast Partners With Comtech EF Data
to Deliver Cellular Backhaul Services in Indonesia

SpeedCast and partner AJN awarded multi-million dollar contract
to provide cellular backhaul services in Indonesia

Singapore, June 20th, 2012 – SpeedCast, Asia’s leading satellite telecommunications service provider, together with partner PT. AJN Solusindo, also known as AJN, was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to provide their CelCast™ cellular backhaul service for more than 40 sites in Indonesia.  SpeedCast partnered with Comtech EF Data, the global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization, and leveraged their market-leading modems and RAN optimization to deliver a highly optimized and efficient cellular backhaul solution for the customer.

Cellular backhaul projects are substantially more complex than basic IP network connections, because of the real-time nature of the network. This project was particularly challenging because it involved existing equipment & infrastructure in a geographically distributed environment — all across Indonesia, on various islands.  Due to the complexity, most operators have strict service level agreements for performance, to guarantee a high level of quality for their users.

SpeedCast and AJN were selected after extensive testing by the customer to ensure the quality of the provider and solution offered.  SpeedCast and AJN’s engineers worked closely with the customer and completed extensive field reports for all sites.

With this level of detail, the SpeedCast RF team designed a customized solution, based on Comtech EF Data’s CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modems with DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® and the Memotec CX-U Series RAN optimization products to deliver significant bandwidth savings for the customer, with no degradation in quality.

“This project brought together a number of SpeedCast’s core capabilities – our ability to finance large-scale projects, our experience in cellular and satellite network integration, and our expertise in RF engineering – to deliver a compelling solution for the customer,” stated Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO of SpeedCast.  “We are thrilled to take advantage of Comtech EF Data’s market-leading technologies to provide our customers with improved service and cost savings.”

SpeedCast’s CelCast™ product is a cellular traffic backhaul solution that enables mobile operators to expand their 2G or 3G coverage in a rapid and cost-effective manner.  This managed service allows cellular operators to deliver service to remote and hard-to-reach areas, while minimizing their capital expenditure and avoid significant increases in their operating expenditures.  SpeedCast’s CelCast™ is deployed and in service in multiple countries throughout Asia.

Comtech EF Data’s CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem combines advanced forward error correction with DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® bandwidth compression for maximum savings under all conditions. DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier®, based on Raytheon Applied Signal Technology’s patented “Adaptive Cancellation” technology, allows transmit and receive carriers of a duplex link to share the same transponder space. The combination of advanced technologies enables users to minimize OPEX/CAPEX and maximize throughput/availability without using additional transponder resources. The CX-U Series brings together access device and cellular backhaul traffic optimization, offering a variety of interfaces and transmission options.

“Mobile operators globally have deployed our best in class, fully integrated technologies to support optimized satellite-based mobile backhaul,” said Daniel Enns, Senior Vice President Strategic Marketing & Business Development of Comtech EF Data.

“We are pleased to be working with SpeedCast and Comtech EF Data to deliver bandwidth efficiencies and cost-effective expansion options for our customers.  With this partnership, we will be able to offer ever richer and more diversified services to our customers,” stated Widhy Nugroho S., President Director of AJN

About PT. AJN Solusindo
AJN is currently one of the leading providers of Telecommunication and Information Technology services in Indonesia.  Established in 1996, AJN has gained vast experience in managing and operating its network that spans the entire archipelago of Indonesia.  AJN’s relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering quality services has been recognized by the business communities it serves i.e. Banking and Insurance, Energy, State Owned Enterprises, Telecommunication Operators, ISP, Manufacturing and many others.  It is our hope and motivation to always provide the right solutions to your esteemed organization’s needs and in turn this will add value to your products or services.  For more information, visit http://www.ajn.co.id/

About SpeedCast
SpeedCast Ltd is a leading global network and satellite telecommunications service provider offering high-quality managed networks services in over 35 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With 10 international sales & support offices and 16 teleport operations, SpeedCast boasts a unique infrastructure to serve corporate and carriers’ requirements. Operating over 20 VSAT platforms, SpeedCast has distinguished itself with a strong operational expertise and a highly efficient support organization, which are the foundation of SpeedCast’s success.  For more information, visit www.speedcast.com.

About Comtech EF Data Corporation
Comtech EF Data Corporation, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation (NASDAQ: CMTL), is the recognized global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. The advanced communication solutions encompass the Advanced VSAT SolutionsModemsRAN & WAN OptimizationManaged Bandwidth and RF products. The Company is recognized as a technology innovator, and has a reputation for exceptional product quality and reliability. The solutions enable commercial and government users to reduce OPEX/CAPEX and to increase throughput for fixed and mobile/transportable satellite-based applications. For more information, visit comtechefdata.wpengine.com.

Carrier-in-Carrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
DoubleTalk® is a Registered Trademark of Raytheon Applied Signal Technology


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