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Comtech EF Data Announces Immediate Availability of VersaFEC®
Next Generation Forward Error Correction

Provides Maximum Coding Gain with Lowest Possible Latency


TEMPE, Arizona, March 24, 2009 – Comtech EF Data Corporation announced today the immediate availability of VersaFEC®, the next generation Forward Error Correction (FEC). VersaFEC provides maximum coding gain with the lowest possible latency to support cellular backhaul and other latency-sensitive voice, video and data applications. VersaFEC is available as a plug-in module for the CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem.

VersaFEC is a system of short-block, low latency Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes designed to support latency-sensitive applications. Designed to provide maximum coding gain while minimizing the end-to-end latency, VersaFEC provides an excellent alternative to existing LDPC and DVB-S2 codes.

This next generation FEC provides an expanded choice of modulation and code combinations (ModCods). The 12 ModCod combinations offer equivalent coding gains to Comtech EF Data’s existing LDPC offering, and significantly reduce latency. VersaFEC also supports a patent-pending Adaptive Modulation and Coding (ACM) system. The ModCods were chosen to provide a continuous progression in terms of Eb/No and spectral efficiency, while reducing latency to near-theoretical minimums. For all ModCods, VersaFEC performance is within 0.7 to 1.0 dB of the Shannon Bound. This puts the performance of VersaFEC at or near the DVB-S2 performance with 16 kbit blocks. Compared to Turbo Product Codes, VersaFEC generally provides 1.0 dB or more reduction in EB/No. By utilizing smaller block sizes and non-interleaved systematic LDPC codes, VersaFEC can also reduce latency by as much as a factor of 10 compared to alternate FECs.

"VersaFEC demonstrates Comtech EF Data’s continued leadership in introducing cutting edge technologies to optimize satellite communications," said Daniel Enns, senior vice president strategic marketing and business development. "The performance and low latency that we are providing with this innovation will translate into leased bandwidth savings and reduced BUC/HPA sizes for our customers."

Comtech EF Data Corp. manufactures a broad spectrum of satellite communications products, including Satellite Modems, Bandwidth & Capacity Management, TCP/IP Performance Enhancement Proxies, Encapsulators, Receivers, Converters, Amplifiers, Transceivers and Terminals.  All products meet or exceed the standards published by worldwide and regional satellite networks. Please visit for more information.


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