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News Release

Comtech EF Data and Vados Systems Announce Strategic Cooperation on Integrated Satcom Offering

Improves Communication Efficiencies with User-Controlled Bandwidth on Request

Tempe, Arizona and Ascot, Berkshire, UK – June 17, 2008 – Comtech EF Data Corporation announced today a strategic cooperation agreement with Vados Systems, a provider of converged integrated solutions to the mobility market.  The agreement encompasses the integration of Comtech EF Data’s Vipersat Management System (VMS) product with Vados Systems’ vadEDGE product range.

Comtech EF Data’s Vipersat Management System is a feature-rich, automated bandwidth, capacity, and network management system with a high degree of configuration automation.  It enables network administrators and satellite service providers to easily configure their networks and respond to anomalies.  VMS automates the carrier switching and spectrum management processes within the satellite network.  These capabilities allow SCPC carriers to be switched automatically based on application, load, or schedule, providing on-demand services and unparalleled space segment savings.  When combined with Comtech EF Data’s satellite modem technologies, VMS provides dynamic SCPC capacity management.

Vados Systems’ vadEDGE product range is a well proven platform for voice and data integration. Installed in thousands of sites worldwide, ranging from maritime to finance, defense and emergency services verticals, Vados has an enviable record of accomplishment in mission-critical deployed applications. Vados Systems’ management software enables service providers to offer advanced bandwidth reporting to end user customers.

The interfaces and protocols of Vados Systems’ end user service offering will be integrated with the Vipersat External Switching Protocol (VESP) of Comtech EF Data’s VMS.  The combined solution provides user-controlled bandwidth on request with automatic assignments for upstream and downstream traffic.  This enables bandwidth allocation by application and superior Quality of Service (QoS), while maximizing bandwidth and cost efficiencies for users.  Leveraging the joint experience of Vados Systems and Comtech, the combined offering will allow traditional high quality VSAT services to be deployed over an easily manageable IP backbone. 

Peter van de Geest, chief executive officer for Vados Systems commented, “Implementation of Comtech’s VESP in Vados Systems’ vadEDGE product range allows bandwidth allocations to match those required by voice and data services.”

A major service provider will utilize the combined Vados Systems and Comtech EF Data solution to provide a differentiated service to bandwidth cost-sensitive end users who require a rich services blend, QoS and maximum bandwidth efficiency.

“With this cooperation, users will have the benefit of an efficient, hands-off means of attaining bandwidth optimization,” said Fred Morris, general manager of Comtech EF Data’s Vipersat Network Products Group.

About Vados Systems Ltd
Vados Systems is a UK Defense Supplier and Quality Assured company with both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001 accreditations. Based in Ascot, UK, Vados Systems is a provider of converged integrated solutions, enabling organisations to provide reliable secure voice and multi-service data communications at their critical point of operations, often where it is impossible to establish traditional communications networks. Serving the precise needs of global customers in specialist markets, such as finance, defence and maritime, its range of robust and highly supportable converged integrated solutions provides Quality of Services across efficiently managed network bandwidth. For more information, please visit

About Comtech EF Data Corp.
Comtech EF Data Corp. manufactures a broad spectrum of satellite communications products, including Satellite Modems, Bandwidth & Capacity Management, TCP/IP Performance Enhancement Proxies, Encapsulators, Receivers, Converters, Amplifiers, Transceivers and Terminals.  All products meet or exceed the standards published by worldwide and regional satellite networks. Please visit for more information.