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Memotec CX-U Series

The CX-U Series brings together a flexible access device and mobile backhaul traffic optimization, offering a variety of backhaul interfaces and transmission options.

The CX-U offers Abis optimization with additional benefits of 2G/3G aggregation, DCME voice trunking optimization, TDM Pseudowire, all over IP, Frame Relay or MLPPP protocol support.

The CX-U products support digital fractional T1/E1, high-speed serial and Ethernet network interfaces with a choice of protocols (Frame Relay, IP/MLPPP) and multiple network backup options. Designed with the utmost reliability in mind, it can support an extended temperature range. Line bypass and optional 100 ms 1+1 hot standby redundancy without service interruption are also available for ultimate availability in challenging remote locations.

The CX-U family is comprised of four products: CX-U 1010, CX-U 1220, CX-U 1240 and CX-U 1280, which can be used in stand-alone mode of operation at hubs or aggregation points, or in conjunction with the CX-U devices located at the remote cell sites.

RAN Optimizer Features

  • Transparent GSM FR, EFR, HR and AMR codec optimization
  • Supports any data services (GPRS, EDGE, V.110 Fax/Modem)
  • IDLE and silence suppression
  • HDLC signaling frame extraction and forwarding
  • EDGE traffic compression
  • Signaling/voice/data traffic prioritization
  • Transparent support of CDMA-IS95 traffic
  • 3G and CDMA-1X traffic optimization (ATM IDLE cells removal, cell packing, ATM header and payload compression)
  • ATM and TDM Pseudowire over IP
  • SS7 traffic forwarding and optimization (Ater links)
  • End-to-end Abis link continuity check
  • Dynamic Abis map interface auto-configuration
  • Traffic prioritization and 3 level QoS
  • TRX channels usage real-time monitoring

DCME Features

  • Support G.729 AB, G.723.1 codecs with variable coding rate
  • Silence suppression and Digital Speech Interpolation
  • T.30 Fax relay (V.29/V.27ter/V.17)
  • Modem relay (V.32/V.32 bis/V.22/V.22 bis)
  • SS7 signaling transport with optimization (FISU spoofing)
  • CCS signaling transport
  • Transcoder free operation (end-to-end one hop compression)
  • Multi-clique, multi-bearer operation
  • End-to-end continuity tone check, detection and regeneration
  • Voice channel usage real-time monitoring


CX-U1010 CX-U1220 CX-U1240 CX-U1280
T1/E1 4 12 12 12
WAN Bearer (T1/E1) 1 up to 2 up to 4 up to 4 up to 4
Abix/AterOptimized 4 T1/E1 6 T1/E1 8 T1/E1 8 T1/E1
PCM Voice Channels 4 T1/E1 6 T1/E1 8 T1/E1 12 T1/E1
TDM/ATM Pseudowire 4 T1/E1 8 T1/E1 8 T1/E1 8 T1/E1
Serial 1 1 1 1
Ethernet 4 + 1 4 + 1 4 + 1 4 + 1
On-board DSP 1 2 4 8


  • Digital T1/E1: unframed, fractional, channelized, voice, data, TDM
  • T1 line type: ANSI T1.403 (PRI), AT&T TR62411 (D4), and TR 54016 (ESF), Telcordia GR-499-CORE
  • T1 encoding: AMI, B8ZS
  • E1 line type : CEPT (PRI), G.703/G.704 with or without CRC4 & MF
  • E1 encoding: HDB3, AMI
  • T1/E1 interface choice of:
    • Balanced 120 Ohms: RJ-21 “Centronics” and RJ-48C individual connectors
    • Unbalanced 75 Ohm: BNC Adapters or BT43 connector backplane
  • NFAS, AIS and RDI bits/alarm relay
  • Serial interface: EIA-530/V.35 (DB25) up to 8192 kbps
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps, RJ-45
  • RS-232 serial craft interfacee

Image of CX-U Applications

Typical Users

  • Telecom Operators
  • Mobile Operators
  • Satellite Service Providers
  • Government & Military

Common Applications

  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Mobile Cellular Tower Applications
  • Universal Service Obligations Enabler
  • A and E Interface Voice Compression Trunking
  • Offshore & Maritime Cellular Over Satellite

All CX-U product E1 interfaces are unbalanced 120 Ohm RJ-48 interfaces. Available accessories include:

  • E1 interface Balun (Dual BNC females to RJ-45 male)
  • E1 interface Balun (Dual “Siemens” mini-balun to RJ-45 male)
  • Interface backplanes: 75 Ohm BT43 (SMZ) connector converter
  • Redundant backplane options and interface converters
  • GPS kits (external antenna, cabling and mast mount)
  • GPS 20 kV lighting protection
  • AC Power supply converters


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