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Huge opportunity, huge challenge

There are around 3 billion people globally that are not connected to any kind of wireless service.

Many of these communities are very small and very remote. For mobile network operators (MNOs), achieving ROI on infrastructure installations to service them is hard to achieve. Most systems are over-specified and over-priced for what is needed in areas that experience a coverage and usage gap.

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Comtech has the world-leading range of backhaul technologies for MNOs. From cost-effective VSAT solutions for low throughput, to large-scale high-powered networking platforms like HeightsTM, whatever you need for your exacting business requirements, we’ve got you covered.

And it comes with the service and expertise that makes us the number one choice for MNOs across the globe.

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Comtech can support MNOs to overcome this coverage crisis by driving mobile internet connectivity and accelerating digital inclusion.

Our best-in-class technologies can help bring communities online cost effectively. We’ve created a checklist you can use to see whether your network is in shape to bridge the coverage gap. Learn more by downloading our checklist using the link below.

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