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Our Solution Suite

Service providers, satellite operators, governments and commercial users wanting to optimize communications, increase throughput and delight customers leverage the performance and flexibility of the Comtech brand. Facilitating fixed and mobile networks in 160+ countries, our product lines include:

  • Heights Networking Platform
  • Satellite Modems
  • RAN & WAN Optimization
  • Network & Bandwidth Management
  • Frequency Conversion and Amplifier Solutions

The solutions blend unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence, providing the advanced technologies you need to increase profitability, differentiate services and improve Quality of Experience (QoE). With the addition of our premium services, ESS Prime, we also provide 24×7 engineering support and other technical services for your integrated network infrastructure.


Patented & Industry-Leading Technologies

We focus significant R&D efforts on creating patented and industry-leading ground equipment technologies that provide maximum bandwidth efficiency and link optimization so you can best utilize your satellite capacity.


Installed in 160+ Countries

Our solutions are:
• Facilitating sustainable and profitable service expansion for MNOs & ISPs
• Powering mission-critical communication for governments & militaries
• Providing on-demand and always-on connectivity for energy, mining & maritime
• Enabling premium enterprise services
• Supporting broadcast transmissions on every continent


Made in the USA

Products are designed and manufactured at our Tempe, Arizona USA plant. Our well-maintained facilities are configured to support current and planned production requirements. We employ formal quality management programs and training, including the International Standard Organization’s (“ISO-9000”) and Aerospace Standard (“AS9100”) quality procedure registration programs.


Other Services

In addition to designing and manufacturing our core satellite communication products, we also offer engineering and contract manufacturing services.

Contract Manufacturing Services – We support our key strategic partners with state-of-the-art design and production techniques, specialized production equipment and extensively trained personnel. For more information, click here.

Engineering Services – Our extensive technical expertise is periodically leveraged by other organizations. We are retained to perform engineering services and custom design of communications products. To request more information, click here.