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Industry Leading Bandwidth Efficiency

We offer two industry-leading brands – Comtech EF Data and Radyne – and the widest range of bandwidth-efficient Satellite Modems in the industry. Our award-winning Modems support satellite-based mobile backhaul, enable broadcast transmissions, power mission-critical military communications, and facilitate connectivity to remote offices. We offer indoor, outdoor / ruggedized and card-based models.


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Datasheets – All Current Models

High-Speed Mid-Range Entry-Level Other


Datasheets – Modem Accessories

CRS Series 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switches
CRS-300 1:10 Modem Redundancy Switch
CRS-311 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switch
CRS-500 1:N Modem Redundancy System
SMS-301 Redundancy Switch
ICS-75 Combiner Shelf
CIC Series Interface Converters
CiM-25 IP Enabled M&C
CDS-100 Diversity Switch
RCS11 1:1 Redundancy Switch
RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch
STS11 / STS11L
RRS11 / RRS11L

Carrier-in-Carrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
DoubleTalk® is a Registered Trademark of Raytheon Applied Signal Technology
VersaFEC® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
MetaCarrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data