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News Release – December 17, 2013

Comtech EF Data Announces the Successful Demonstration of 10% Roll Off Functionality for Its Most Popular Digital Video Broadcast Modulator

Enabling More Satellite Capacity & Facilitating More Video Channels per Transponder

Tempe, Arizona, December 17, 2013 – Comtech EF Data Corporation announced today the successful demonstration of 10% Roll Off functionality for its most popular Digital Video Broadcast Modulator, the DM240XR, to an Asia-based Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator. The new functionality delivers benefits to both new and installed base customers of the DM240XR.

The current, released Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standard is DVB-S2 (ETSI EN 302 307). This current standard allows for Roll Off figures of 35%, 25% and 20%. Lower Roll Off figures, such as 10%, may be used to leverage additional satellite capacity and allow more video channels to be transmitted per satellite transponder.

The new 10% Roll Off functionality for the DM240XR Modulator will enable operators and broadcasters to increase service offerings with more channel selections and to facilitate the conversion of Standard Definition (SD) to High-Definition (HD) channels while still utilizing the same occupied satellite space segment. This translates into increased revenue opportunities for operators and broadcasters without increased satellite capacity operating costs.

Comtech EF Data has thousands of DM240XR units installed globally that are supporting satellite-based transport for DTH, distribution, contribution and data broadcasting. While the 10% Roll Off functionality was already offered for newer models of Comtech EF Data satellite modems, customers that have utilized the DM240XR for over a decade now have access to this bandwidth-savings feature to better service their own customers without requiring any hardware modifications.

“Offering the new 10% Roll Off for both new and installed base operators is a testament to our customer commitment and the viability and relevance of our products even after 10 years of global service,” commented Louis Dubin, vice president product management for Comtech EF Data. “We strive to maximize the life span of our products by allowing upgrades and expansion to support evolving requirements. We have provided a number of upgrade options for users of this market-leading DVB broadcast platform, including transitions from DVB-S to DVB-S2, from ASI to IP-based encoders / interfaces, MetaCarrier® Carrier ID, and now 10% Roll Off.”

Existing DM240XR customers can obtain the 10% Roll Off functionality via Fully Accessible System Topology (FAST) upgrade. The FAST technology facilitates on-location upgrade of the operating feature set without removing the Modulator from its current setup. Contact sales@comtechefdata.com for more information.

Comtech EF Data Corporation, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation (NASDAQ: CMTL), is the recognized global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. The advanced communication solutions encompass the Advanced VSAT Solutions, Satellite Modems, RAN & WAN Optimization, Network & Bandwidth Management and RF products. The Company is recognized as a technology innovator, and has a reputation for exceptional product quality and reliability. The solutions enable commercial and government users to reduce OPEX/CAPEX and to increase throughput for fixed and mobile/transportable satellite-based applications. For more information, visit comtechefdata.wpengine.com.

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