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Satellite Operators

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Satellite Operators

Operators are leveraging our success in providing best-in-class solutions for our targeted vertical markets, and are investing in Operator-owned infrastructure to extend their product offerings and address rapidly evolving customer demands. The key differentiating characteristics of our QoE, efficiency, speed and throughput are highly valued by Operators looking to maximize their return on investment in current and next generation satellite constellations.

Satellite operators demand strong economics such as long-term cost of ownership and the effective ability to monetize for revenue generation both for the Operator and their clients. Our product set ensures that Operators can select the best solution to address the specific needs, such as:

  • Leveraging the market-leading performance of our SCPC modems for IP trunking applications
  • Utilizing our optimized point-to-multipoint networking solutions to support critical applications for mobile backhaul, mobility, premium enterprise, government and broadcast

With effective and flexible network management, and the additional comfort of support from our Professional Services Organization, Operators who select the Comtech to deliver their services can have confidence that they have access to the best-in-class optimized products and the highest level of support to install and operate their networks to the standards demanded by their clients.