Comtech Defense Solutions: Supporting the Warfighter with an Uncontested Advantage

Secure, resilient, ruggedized communications
that reliably support effective Command and Control decisions
to gain and keep the edge. Anytime. Anywhere.

Secure, resilient, ruggedized communications that reliably support effective Command and Control decisions to gain and keep the edge. Anytime. Anywhere.

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As the U.S and Allied Governments’ trusted partner for over 30 years, Comtech develops and deploys uncontested Defense Solutions custom-built for the all-domain warfighter needs, designed to deliver the most responsive, easy-to-use and adaptive communications for any environment.

Trusted by The Most Demanding
Mission-Critical Government Agencies

Comtech has earned the trust of the DoD and the Intelligence Community by delivering thousands of systems ‘Made-in-America’ with the industry’s most secure supply chain. The secret to our success is forged in our close partnership with government and defense customers implementing real-world solutions on-demand while synchronizing our technology roadmap for future innovations to keep you uncontested.

Helping armed forces and government agencies stay a step ahead

The government and defense markets are changing quickly, and Comtech is innovating ahead of those changes and demands on the horizon.  The development of flexible software-defined modems that can host multiple waveforms is critical to enabling operators to configure and meet changing electromagnetic spectrum conditions. Comtech offers a broad range of amplifiers across X, C, Ku, Ka, Q, and V bands providing flexibility and support for adaptable terminals.

Global Adversarial Threats Driving Demand for Assured Communications

A modern military must have intelligent satellite communications networks capable of delivering real-time ISR data and high-definition video to warfighters across the battlespace.


Comtech is supporting advanced multi-orbit, multi-constellation capabilities that allow for the use of GEO, MEO, HEO, and proliferated LEO constellations to ensure communications in aggressively contested environments.


We recognize that layering terrestrial and troposcatter capabilities create additional data paths that in many cases provide complementary capabilities to satellite communications, increasing resilience and flexibility in anti-access/area denial scenarios, with extremely small form factors that make “tactical troposcatter” a reality.


Comtech has new military-grade backbone and portable comms solutions to meet the most demanding defense and government mission requirements anywhere on Earth. These world-class platforms offer the most reliable, scalable, and ruggedized capabilities that enable defense and government users to leverage assured and resilient communications in contested environments.

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Our Software-Defined Modem Solutions offer extremely compact form factors, compatible with a variety of platforms, and provide an upgrade path to support your future requirements. When there is a need to deploy with heightened resiliency, our ruggedized modems empower mission success with software upgrades that enable satellite networks to be field upgradeable and reconfigurable in seconds.

Check Out the Latest Defense Innovations from Comtech

SLM-5650C2 Portable Software-Defined Modem

This next-gen portable software-defined modem is designed for the most demanding government and military applications as well as small commercial Satcom terminals. Featuring extremely compact form factors and an extensive list of software options, the SLM-5650C2 modem can be integrated with a variety of platforms, carried and operated in mobile manpacks, and deliver an upgrade path to support future requirements.

Comtech Unleashes World’s Fastest 5Gbps Multi-Orbit Gateway Modem

The new CDM-780 gateway modem is the latest and most powerful in a long line of backbone platforms, now capable of managing unprecedented amounts of data delivered over new and complex wideband GEO, MEO, and LEO satellites and constellations.

Satellite Amplifiers & Frequency Converters For Military & Government Applications

Comtech’s line of high-power amplifiers (HPAs) are employed in military communications applications around the globe. From transportable to airborne applications, Comtech leads the way for high-quality, state-of-the-art TWTA and SSPA designs.  

Strategic Communication

From missile defense to secure communications, the armed services count on Comtech’s X-band, C-band, Ka-band, Q-band and V-band amplifiers.

Transportable Networks

Comms on the pause applications count on Comtech for lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use HPAs.


Comtech has developed compact, rugged, efficient, lightweight solid-state amplifiers optimized for transportable applications.

Airborne & Datalinks

Comtech has also developed extensive airborne traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) capabilities to become a leading supplier of high-power, millimeter wave airborne power amplifiers.

Troposcatter Solutions

Advanced Troposcatter Systems provide high capacity, low-latency data links for over-the horizon distances without the need to rely on satellites or multiple line-of-sight repeaters. They also provide a level of resistance to intercept or detection that exceeds most line-of-sight microwave and satellite communications.

These systems have little in common with the troposcatter (tropo) equipment developed for long-haul communications from the 1950s to the 1980s, much like computers today bear little resemblance to the computers of that era. 

The common element is that all troposcatter systems function by using the non-homogenous elements present in the lowest level of the atmosphere— such as water vapor, dust, and atmospheric variations— to scatter a small portion of the transmitted energy forward in a predictable manner.

Our CS67PLUS Software-Defined Radio/Modem is the most advanced troposcatter modem on the market and is the heart of Comtech’s Troposcatter Family of Systems with the capability to aggregate that transmitted troposcatter energy into a high-throughput data link.

Not only are we the world leader Beyond Line of Site (BLOS) Technology providing high-capacity, low-latency data links without the need for satellites or repeaters, but we also offer satellite location tracking, field engineering, equipment repair, depot and logistics, and support, cyber training and solid state drives for mission critical solutions.

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