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ESS Prime

Engineering Support Services (ESS) Prime

ESS Prime is our premium service designed to support your mission critical networks. With ESS Prime, we provide 24/7 x 365 engineering support through a tiered plan structure.

24/7 x 365 engineering support – Round the clock, over the phone engineering support provided by an experienced team of engineers to resolve customer’s’ issues related to our provided equipment. Issues could include could installation support, configuration support, software revision control and, general inquiries (documentation requests, general questions in relation to equipment performance/specifications). Our ESS engineers will process issues in a tiered structure, escalating to our product engineering for software issues when required.

Access to our ESS online portal – An online web-based portal is available to our ESS Prime customers.  The portal requires a secure login, and credentials will be provided upon contract execution. The portal will provide customers with an instant ability to create tickets and manage follow-up/update with ESS engineers.

Quick resolution of ongoing issues via direct remote access to the customer Network Management System – Our ESS engineering team works with our customers to establish direct remote access to the customer networks through IP VPN or other suitable remote access mechanisms. The remote access to the customer networks assists with quick resolution of issues related to our provided equipment.

Assigned Program Management Team – A Program Manager is assigned as the Single point of contact (POC) for all technical/commercial issues. Our Program Managers provide you with regular status updates to customers during problem resolution.

Engineering support for software/firmware upgrades and maintenance bug fixes – ESS engineers provide assistance to our customers for escalated bug issues and/or routine product upgrades. The assistance may include debug testing (usually with Comtech EF Data product engineering guidance) and installation of the required patch or product upgrade code.

Engineering support for FAST code upgrade – We provide technical assistance for trouble-free implementation of purchased FAST upgrade codes.

RMA support with target average turnaround time of 15 business days (after receipt at our facility) – We will evaluate all RMA requests, and provide triage support to help reduce false RMA’s due to mis-configuration or other non-hardware related issues.

Free seats in training at our facility – we will provide complimentary access to product training at our facilities, subject to availability.

Warranty support for Hub side Comtech EF Data equipment – Our standard product warranty is two years, , which commences the day equipment ships from our facility. Customers who elect to purchase ESS support services will receive extended product warranty for our equipment installed at the hub site for the duration of the ESS support contract.

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