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Product Stencils for Visio

These stencils are compatible with Visio 2000 and later.

Add these files to the C:/Program Files/Visio/Solutions/CEFD folder. You may need to create one. Type “OK” to overwrite the Start.vsd drawing file if prompted.

  • The NoteIcons.vss file is a collection of note and warning symbols stencils.
  • The DOC file is provided in case you’d like to cut and paste these symbols when working within MS Word documents.
  • If you want to create a Visio drawing without having to manually load each stencil file, begin your project by opening Start.vsd – this will give you a blank page in landscape orientation with all the CEFD product templates preloaded – you then simply ‘Save As’ to your desired filename.
Cut-n-Paste Note Icons  
Modems and Advanced VSAT Solutions Accessories
Amplifiers NoteIcons
Converters Network Figures
Demodulators Start – vsd
Switches Transceivers
Radyne Products  
All Visio Files