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Carrier ID Using MetaCarrier® Technology


We developed a technology called MetaCarrier® that is used to embed and detect Carrier ID on video and data satellite carriers. The Meta prefix is used in its meaning of a carrier used to describe another carrier. In this case, MetaCarrier means that we have a separate carrier that contains information, which is used to describe the host carrier, a group of carriers, or a relay, such as a satellite transponder, or terrestrial wireless relay. What is unique is that the MetaCarrier is embedded using spread spectrum techniques within the host carrier(s) or relay, without adding appreciable noise to the carrier(s) or relay.

The MetaCarrier technology overlays the very low data rate Carrier ID data in a spread spectrum carrier, onto the carrier that it is referencing, Figure 1.

MetaCarrier Overlay
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MetaCarrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data