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Dynamic Single Carrier per Channel (dSCPC)

Our Vipersat Management System (VMS) automates bandwidth utilization while optimizing space segment efficiency. The software allows intelligent management of satellite networks through system configuration and alarm management of the network. VMS is the engine that provides dynamic SCPC (dSCPC) bandwidth management of space segment.

ViperView Bandwidth Manager show dSCPC
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ViperView Bandwidth Manager showing dSCPC

When a node in the network has an application to transport over the satellite link, dSCPC technology provides the mechanism to automatically establish the SCPC carrier for that transmission. dSCPC resizes the carrier based on the increase or decrease in applications being sent over the link, and finally dSCPC technology returns the remote to its home state once the application is completed. dSCPC yields true bandwidth-on-demand, providing the low-latency, low-jitter dedicated SCPC connection needed for real-time applications such as VoIP, video conference, broadcasts, as well as applications such as large file or image transfers.

Through protocol classification in the remote terminals, the IP-based modem initiates automatic switching to achieve reduced latency and increased throughput. Switches can be initiated in several ways: via an application, via data load, via pre-determined schedule, via a Quality of Service (QoS) rule, or manually via the console.