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Patents by Product

Advanced VSAT Solutions

CDM-800 Remote Router
CDM-840, ODM-840 & ODMR-840 Remote Routers
CDD-880 Multi-Receiver Router
CTOG-250 Traffic Optimization Gateway & Protocol Server


CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem
Patent Number Description
5,396,502 Single Stack implementation of a Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder
5,532,693 Adaptive compression system with Systolic string matching logic
6,526,538 Turbo product code decoder
6,763,494 Turbo product code decoder
6,859,641 Adaptive Canceller For Frequency Reuse Systems
7,039,846 Enhanced turbo product code decoder system utilizing a codeword organization method
7,085,987 Enhanced turbo product code decoder system
7,107,505 Concatenated turbo product codes for high performance satellite and terrestrial communications
7,117,418 Soft input-soft output forward error correction decoding for turbo codes
7,228,104 Adaptive Canceller For Frequency Reuse Systems
7,254,188 Method and System for Modulating and Detecting High Datarate Symbol Communications
7,353,444 LDPC architecture
7,356,752 Enhanced turbo product codes
7,415,659 SISO decoder
7,421,638 Enhanced turbo product code decoder system
7,609,182 Generating dynamic huffman codes
7,764,205 Decompressing dynamic huffman coded bit streams
7,991,373 Signal Filtering System and Related Methods
8,022,781 Redundancy System for a Telecommunication System and Related Methods
8,060,646 Adaptive Refresh Rate for Header Compression Over Long Propagation Channels and Related Methods
8,028,125 Content Addressable Memories and State machines for performing 3 byte matches and for providing error protection
8,046,532 Content Addressable Memories and State machines for performing 3 byte matches and Secondary matches, and for providing error protection
8,106,797 Assigning Codes to and repairing Huffman Trees
8,108,546 Data Packet Encapsulation Methods
CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem
CDM-570/L Satellite Modems
CDM-570IP/L Satellite Modems
CDD-562L & CDD-564/L Demodulators
CDM-600/L Open Network Satellite Modem
CDM-700 High-Speed Satellite Modem
CDM-710 Broadcast Satellite Modem
CDM-Qx/QxL Multi-Channel Satellite Modems
DMD1050 & DMD1050M L-Band Satellite Modem Boards
DMD20 Universal Satellite Modem
DMD20 LBST L-Band Satellite Modem and ODU Driver
DMD2050E MIL-STD-188-165A/B Compliant Universal Satellite Modem
DMD2050 MIL-STD-188-165A Compliant Universal Satellite Modem
OM20 Rugged Antenna Mount Modem
SLM-5650A Satellite Modem

RAN & WAN Optimization

FX-1000 REM / FX-4000 ADC / FX-4000 REM
turboIP-G2 Performance Enhancement Proxy

Managed Bandwidth

SkyWire™ MDX420
Patent Number Description
8,107,515 Burst Processing Modem

RF Products

LBC-4000 Up/Down Converter System
DT-45XX Down Converters & UT-45XX Up Converters
CSAT-5060 & CAST-6070 C-Band Transceivers
MBT-4000 Multi-Band RF Transceivers
MBT-5000 & MBT-5003 L-Band Up/Down Converter System
XSAT-7080 X-Band Transceiver