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More apt questions are…Which satellite platform allows you to dynamically assign bandwidth network-wide to meet the ever-increasing demands of your growing business? Which solution has the intelligence and underlying resiliency to meet stringent jitter and latency requirements of your most crucial applications? Which platform provides the highest bandwidth efficiencies and processing power to support your most bandwidth-rich applications today? Which solution can remotely modify bandwidth allocations as requirements change tomorrow... without requiring costly upgrades or site visits?

Advanced VSAT is the answer.

In a world of “me-too” offerings, differentiation comes from challenging convention and partnering with a satellite platform provider that enables you to defy the norm. We’ll help you carve out service differentiation based on the right mix of platform and support…before, during and after the network implementation.

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Featured Products:

Advanced VSAT Solutions

Unmatched performance & efficiency for delivering managed premium services

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Advanced VSAT Solutions

Featured Products:

Satellite Modems

Two industry-leading brands & the widest range of bandwidth-efficient Satellite Modems; innovative technologies that offer performance, flexibility, security and control

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Satellite Modems

Featured Products:

RAN & WAN Optimization

  • Stampede FX Series

    Stampede FX Series

    One-sided application delivery + two-sided WAN optimization

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  • Memotec CX-U Series

    Memotec CX-U Series

    Flexible access device & mobile backhaul traffic optimization

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  • Memotec NetPerformer

    Memotec NetPerformer™

    Data router, multiplexer + voice gateway

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Featured Products:

Network & Bandwidth Management

  • Vipersat Network Products

    Vipersat Network Products

    Suite of software applications that optimize SCPC bandwidth
    utilization & provide powerful network management

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  • SkyWire

    SkyWire™ MDX420 Satellite Network Gateway

    Accommodates true mesh and hybrid IP-centric network; uses a
    highly efficient TDMA bandwidth-on-demand, shared, multi-carrier platform

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Featured Products:

RF Products

Frequency conversion and amplifier solutions for indoor & outdoor environments; cost-effective, field-proven performance and reliable

What's New?

Intelsat Channels Services Continuation Options


With Intelsat’s recent announcement that its Channels Services are being retired, customers are encouraged to evaluate options to determine the best steps for meeting point-to-point connectivity needs. One of the options is to leverage new modulation and coding methods that are available in the latest modem platforms to minimize the resulting total cost of ownership of continuing services.

For those interested in cost-effective service continuation, please contact us for assistance with designing an upgrade to fit your unique requirements:

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