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Frequency Conversion

70/140 MHz
We offer systems for frequency conversion between the traditional IF frequencies of 70/140 MHz and L-Band, as well as translation from these IF frequencies and C-, X-, Ku- and Hotbird RF Bands. These reliable, cost-effective and high-performance products feature:

  • Low phase noise
  • High gain
  • Gain compensation
  • Patented daisy chain switching
  • Redundancy

The rack mountable Converter systems feature:

  • Frequency conversion between L-Band IF & 70/140 MHz IF, as well as L-Band to C-/X-/Ku-/Ka-Band RF
  • Low phase noise
  • Flexible configurations
  • Optional redundancy

The Amplifiers with integrated L-Band BUCs feature:

  • Optional redundancy
  • Low loss combining technique
  • Temperature compensation


Available in C-, X- or Ku-Band versions and a wide range of output power levels, our line of indoor Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) are reliable, field-proven and designed for use in satellite uplink systems.

70/140 MHz Converter System Featured Models

Our Up and Down Converters are the ultimate in high performance and cost-effective C-, X-, Ku- and L-Band frequency conversion. The converters can be used for SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA, as well as full transponder HDTV and analog TV. Spectral purity and stability characteristics fully meet or exceed the requirements of all domestic, international, and regional commercial satellite networks.

DT-4503 Down Converter & UT-4505 Up Converter

C-, X-, Ku-Band UT-4500 Series Up Converters
DT-4500 Series Down Converters
L-Band LBC-4000 Up/Down Converter System

L-Band Converter System Featured Models

70/140 MHz
LBC-4000 Product ImageThe LBC-4000 L-Band IF to 70 MHz IF (140 MHz optional) indoor converter is a 1RU 19-inch chassis with two front panel accessible up converter or down converter modules. It contains two diode “OR-ed” internal power supplies, for increased reliability and microprocessor-based Monitor & Control (M&C) functions.

The LBC-4000 up converter module translates a 70 MHz IF input signal (140 MHz optional) up to a user-selected frequency at L-Band (950 to 2000 MHz). The L‑Band output can drive the input of the Comtech EF Data MBT-4000 block up converter or other RF equipment with an L-Band input. The LBC-4000 is an excellent choice for interfacing legacy 70 or 140 MHz equipment to quad-band or tri-band block converters.
LBC-4000 Up/Down Converter System

C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-Band
MBT-5000 Product ImageThe RF marketplace has been transitioning from traditional 70/140 MHz IF-based networks to systems using L-Band (950 to 2000 MHz) for the modem/RF equipment link. The MBT-5000 Up/Down Converter System provides this frequency conversion between L-Band IF and C-/X-/Ku-/Ka-Band RF frequencies. Featuring a drop down front panel providing access to two “hot swappable” frequency conversion modules, this unit offers either a mix of conversion functionality or 1:1 redundant system operation.
MBT-5000 Up/Down Converter System


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