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Industry Recognition

Maintaining Market Dominance in SCPC & Wireless Backhaul
In the recently published 8th Edition of the Wireless Backhaul, Trunking and Video Offload via Satellite report by Northern Sky Research (NSR), we were identified as the dominant industry participant for both Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) equipment and the overall wireless backhaul market. Read Announcement
comsys logo Leveraging Leadership in SCPC Modem Market to Address Premium Enterprise Requirements
We were once again named the largest SCPC satellite modem supplier in the COMSYS VSAT Report, 13th Edition. The report identifies that our solution suite is utilized by the majority of the top 160 VSAT operators globally. We remain the largest preferred supplier for mainstream corporate applications, and our satellite modems continue to dominate the market for cellular backhaul links. Citing some recent major wins, we also now have an established foothold in the oil & gas and maritime premium enterprise market. Read Announcement
Comtech EF Data Maintains Market Leadership in SCPC & Satellite Mobile Backhaul
In the recently published 6th Edition of the Wireless Backhaul via Satellite report by Northern Sky Research (NSR), we were identified as the Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) equipment market leader for satellite mobile backhaul.“Comtech is the market leader in the entire wireless backhaul market in terms of equipment and installed base,” commented the study’s author, Jose Del Rosario, Senior Analyst for NSR. “Given the scope of equipment orders Comtech EF Data has received to support satellite-based mobile backhaul, the company has adapted well in addressing stiff competition posed by other platforms, particularly TDMA.” News Release
Best-Backhaul-Solution-for-Africa-Shortlist Comtech EF Data Awarded “Best Backhaul Solution for Africa”
We were named the “Best Backhaul Solution for Africa” at the 5th annual AfricaCom Awards ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa. The AfricaCom Awards celebrate and reward excellence in African telecoms, media and ICT. The Best Backhaul Solution for Africa Award recognizes a fiber, satellite or wireless solutions provider that significantly improved backhaul capacity with measurable improvements in quality and reliability of service in Africa. More Info | News Release
Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year Award Advanced VSAT Solutions – Satellite Spotlight’s Product of the Year Award
TMC’s Satellite Spotlight awarded us with the Product of the Year award based on the outstanding innovation of our Advanced VSAT Solutions.“Comtech EF Data has proven their commitment to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO for TMC. “We’re proud to honor their accomplishments in the advancement of the satellite technology industry.” News Release
comsys logo Comtech EF Data Named Dominant SCPC Satellite Modem Manufacturer
In the recently published 12th Edition of the VSAT Report by COMSYS, we were named the dominant manufacturer in the Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) area of the satellite industry.“The most common applications for SCPC modems are where maximum efficiency is needed in high-priced satellite capacity environments and where dedicated clear channel capacity is required,” commented Simon Bull, senior consultant for COMSYS. “Comtech EF Data has worked hard to refine bandwidth efficiency. We believe that their latest Advanced VSAT Solutions product line represents a significant step forward for the company in addressing the shift from dedicated circuits to shared systems.”
SSPI Logo MetaCarrier® Awarded SSPI’s Industry Innovators Award
“Comtech EF Data received this award based on their outstanding engineering innovations,” commented Robert A. Bell, executive director for SSPI. “MetaCarrier is a critical component of a long-term solution to the problem of satellite radio frequency interference.” News Release | More Info on MetaCarrier
NGN Leadship Award for 2011
CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem product image
CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem – Awarded the 2011 Leadership Award presented by NGN Magazine
“Comtech EF Data has been recognized for their exceptional work in advancing NGN services and technologies. The CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem has proven it is exceptional and its innovation has contributed to the transformation of the industry,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Congratulations to the entire team at Comtech EF data and I look forward to more innovation in the coming year.” News Release
New Product Innovation of the Year Award
CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem product image
CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem – Awarded the 2010 North American New Product Innovation of the Year Award in Satellite Communications Modems by Frost & Sullivan
“Comtech EF Data is addressing the key industry challenges of improving bandwidth utilization and user throughput by providing solutions that lower costs and simultaneously optimize bandwidth,” commented Anand Srivivasan, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Comtech EF Data is receiving this award based on its leading innovation and unique, best practices approach to the satellite communications modem market.” News Release | Frost & Sullivan Award Summary
2010 Technology of the Year Award CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem – Wins 2010 Teleport Technology of the Year Award by World Teleport Association
The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem was selected as the Teleport Technology of the Year by a volunteer committee of WTA members and previous award winners.The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem combines a range of advanced technologies including DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® bandwidth compression, patented VersaFEC® low-latency LDPC forward error correction with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), patent pending ultra low overhead Streamline Encapsulation (SLE), Header Compression and Payload compression for maximum bandwidth efficiency under all conditions. News Release
2007 Technology of the Year Award DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier– Wins 2007 Teleport Technology of the Year Award by World Teleport Association
A unanimous selection by WTA’s Technology of the Year committee, DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier by Comtech EF Data was cited for its ability to reduce bandwidth requirements by 50% nominally, while keeping equivalent throughput and performance. The technology allows for both sides of a duplex link to be transmitted concurrently in the same segment of transponder bandwidth, which is of critical importance to teleport operators seeking to drive down costs and gain efficiencies as they serve customers.”If you sign the checks for space segment,’ one of our committee members said, ‘then this technology must be considered a true innovation that will continue to create value and shift the economics for anyone who chooses to adopt this method,” said Louis A. Zacharilla, director of development for World Teleport Association, quoting one of the members of the awards committee. News Release | More Info on DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier

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