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Mobile & Backhaul

For over 20 years, we have been the premier supplier of bandwidth-efficient satellite modems, VSAT networking solutions and RF products to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Our award-winning and globally-adopted solutions provide leading innovations which MNOs depend on to drive down the total cost of ownership and improve end user QoE.

We have observed market trends and adapted our solutions to enable MNOs to roll out 2G, 3G and LTE services across the most diverse and challenging environments (both terrain and commercially ARPU). As MNOs some 20 years ago started to deploy 2G and voice dominated networks, we responded with modem innovations such as Clock extension, EDMAC, multi-E1 modems, RAN optimization (E1) and DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier. All of our solutions are intended to reduce satellite bandwidth so as to provide the lowest OPEX, while delivering the industry’s highest KPI.

Why the focus on KPI? Simply, KPI is the first and foremost measure of the services being delivered and the efficiency of the network. The higher the KPIs, the more billable minutes/bits delivered, thereby ensuring that the system is operating not only at its lowest OPEX but at its maximum revenue potential. Later, as IP RAN and 3G was being deployed, we responded with the IP packet processor supporting 3GPP compliant QOS scheme, header and payload compression schemes, and asymmetric DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier. Again, MNOs benefitted from lowest OPEX and highest KPIs.

Now, as MNOs are looking to push higher data content, we recognized the need for a different type of solution. With the release of our innovative Heights Networking Platform, providing the industry’s first L2/L3-based point-to-multipoint network with the most bandwidth efficient, low delay and low jitter dynamic inbound bandwidth management scheme (see HDNA white paper and how HDNA compares to TDMA). Again, we are providing MNOs that are considering high bandwidth combined 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE deployments with the most bandwidth efficient backhaul to provide the lowest OPEX while delivering highest KPIs.

With infrastructure equipment supporting >60+ Gbps of mobile backhaul over GEO, HTS and MEO, we have the experience and product diversity to facilitate value-added and efficient deployments into the future.

Being the market leader in satellite mobile backhaul comes with great responsibility and we understand and appreciate the challenges MNOs face every day. Our solutions are designed from the ground up with MNOs in mind.

Every mobile network equipment manufacturer today acknowledges without question that two of the most important parameters to manage in a satellite backhauled mobile network are latency and jitter. Without full control on these two parameters Quality of Experience for end users will be poor, revenue will drop, customer complaints will increase and churn will occur. Our solutions have the lowest jitter and latency of any satellite platform in the market and have consistently proven to deliver the best KPIs and lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Unlike TDMA solutions our SCPC and Heights H-DNA platform can meet all the challenges that comes with providing 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services today and 5G in the future.

Extend Your Reach & Your ROI

Are you challenged with the ROI of connectivity to small and remote communities? We can help. Our backhaul offerings range from cost-effective solutions for low throughput to large-scale, high-powered networking platforms like Heights. When combined with our market-leading service and expertise, we are the number one choice for MNOs across the globe.

Let’s get started…we created a checklist to help you see whether your network is in shape to bridge the coverage gap. Extend your reach and your ROI, get the checklist now.