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SatCom Infrastructure Solution Suite
The global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization, our advanced communication solutions enable commercial and government users to reduce OPEX/CAPEX and to increase throughput for fixed and mobile satellite-based applications. In the Featured Products section below, you will find links to the individual pages for our premier products in these categories – Heights Networking Platform, Advanced VSAT Solutions, Satellite Modems, RAN & WAN Optimization, Network & Bandwidth Management and RF Products. On the featured product pages, you can access technical specs, announcements, articles, collateral and more.

To learn more about all of our market-leading bandwidth efficiency and link optimization products, see All Product Datasheets area below.

All Product Datasheets

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Indoor: L-Band Frequency Conversion
CPA (C-Band)
KPA (Ku-Band)
XPA (X-Band)

Indoor: 70/140 MHz Frequency Conversion
UT-4500 Series Up Converters
DT-4500 Series Down Converters
SFC6400A C-Band Up
SFC1275A Ku-Band Down
SFC1450A Ku-Band Up
SFC4200A C-Band Down
RCU101 1:1 Converter Redundancy Control Unit
RCU108 1:N Converter Redundancy Control Unit

Indoor: Amplifiers
CPA (C-Band)
KPA (Ku-Band)
XPA (X-Band)

Outdoor: L-Band Frequency Conversion (BUCs)
LPOD (C-, X-, Ku-Band)
LPOD-R (C-, X-, Ku-Band)
HPOD (C-, X-, Ku-Band)
MBT-4000/B (Multi-Band Outdoor RF)
LCS-4 Combiner Switch

Outdoor: 70/140 MHz Frequency Conversion
CSAT-5060 (C-Band)
CSAT-6070 (C-Band)
XSAT-7080 (X-Band)
KST-2000A/B (Ku-Band)

Outdoor: Amplifiers
SPOD (C-, X-, Ku-Band)
HPOD (C-, X-, Ku-Band)
CLNA (C-Band) & Redundant CLNA
XLNA (X-Band) & Redundant XLNA
KLNA (Ku-Band) & Redundant KLNA
XLNB (X-Band) & Redundant XLNB

Legacy/No Future Development
ODPA Ku-Band Outdoor Power Amplifier
CST-5000 C-Band Satellite Terminal
KST-12000 Ku-Band Satellite Terminal

Carrier-in-Carrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
DoubleTalk® is a Registered Trademark of Raytheon Applied Signal Technology
VersaFEC® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
MetaCarrier® is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data
turboIP®-G2 is a Registered Trademark of Comtech EF Data